Pet Poison Helpline is available in North America by calling 800-213-6680. Metaldehyde toxicity causes rapid onset of neurological symptoms that can be fatal if untreated. Then youve come to the right place. And, no, pet turf does not look anything like old-school Astroturf it looks like natural grass! Alongside these symptomatic peculiarities, monitor their activities closely for lethargy or any other atypical behavior patterns. A dog specialist can answer questions about dogs, cats, fish, and other animals 1:1. As an added bonus, elfin thyme produces pretty, purple flowers in the summer. ), resulting in dual poisoning with another product.When meals are ingested, they can result in gastrointestinal irritation (e.g., vomiting, diarrhea, etc. To prepare it for use in pellet production and ensure its quality consistency and purity standards must be met during processing. Clear Acrylic Modern Dog Gates: A Stylish Way to Secure Your Pup at Home, A Female Dogs Ovaries And Uterus Are Removed Through An Incision In Her Abdomen After She Is Spayed, 3 Things To Keep In Mind When Using A Heating Pad In A Dog House, The Cliff House: A Historic Restaurant With A Stunning View, How To Turn A Storage Shed Into A Dog House, To Sweater Or Not To Sweater: That Is The Question, How To Reduce The Amount Of Dog Hair In Your House. Herbicides rarely cause concerns other than mild gastrointestinal upset when used and applied according to the label directions, provided pets have been kept off the treated surfaces until the applied areas have been allowed to dry completely. When it comes to wood pellets and their interaction with dogs, toxicity is generally not a concern. Digestive tract blockages, perforated intestines and bowel obstruction are just some of the risks associated with a dog eating wood. This article depicts how they are made and what they are made of. Slug pellets: Slug and snail pellets containing metaldehyde can poison and kill a dog or cat within hours. Unnoticed, the Carbon Monoxide can quickly build up to toxic levels. Using only natural binders is the norm for producing wood pellets. The problem, however, is that the pellets are made from wood. Please enter your information to confirm. There are only a few toxic species of Persin that can harm dogs, but depending on how much is consumed, it can cause vomiting, upset stomachs, and diarrhea. Dark chocolate should never be fed to a dog, and brownies should be avoided as well. If your dog has eaten cat litter clumps, keep an eye out for signs of his digestive system. These piles of decomposing and decaying organic matter have the potential to grow a mold called Penicillium crustosum which produces a tremor causing toxin called Penitrem A. Puppies eating wood pellets is not a good idea. Those looking for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to coal will find Traeger wood pellets to be an excellent choice. This may include IV fluids, electrolytes, and antibiotics. Because puppies are so small, it doesn't take much litter to create a blockage, so it's best to get Fido to the vet immediately if he's been snacking on wood pellet litter. If you believe your pet ingested any item of concern, it is important to call your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline, a 24/7 animal poison control center, at 1-800-213-6680 right away to have the risk of poisoning assessed. If you purchase pellets from a brand, make sure they do not contain any binding agents. Grilling can be done with pellets that have been primed with Pellet Fillers to ensure consistent burns. Besides possibly causing an intestinal blockage, wood pellet litter may break into sharp pieces that could damage . If untreated, these signs may lead to death. As long as they were natural wood pellets, we really don't have to worry about things like a toxic ingestion.meaning that they're not poisonous. Wood pellets are used to grill, but are they toxic? If a puppy consumes litter pellets, his intestines may become infected with parasites that can cause a dangerous blockage. To prevent any life-threatening accidents involving wood pellets, educating yourself along with all family members on possible risks must be given priority. Additional information can be found online at 6. Wood Pellet Grilling, like any other burn fluid, is potentially hazardous to the health, but this is likely to be a minor concern. If your dog eats dirt or wood, there are risks associated with it. A curious puppy may mistake your kitty's wood pellet litter for yummy kibble and decide to eat it. This is used as a lubricant for the wood plants' processing machines. If you catch pet urine quickly after it happens on the lawn, water it down to decrease the intensity of the brown spot. Because wood pellet litter is usually found in your cat's litter box, if Fido snacks on it, he could be ingesting litter contaminated with your kitty's waste. During the creation of pellets from wood, lignin plays a significant role by acting as a binder when exposed to heat and pressure. Allow plenty of time for the transition as sudden changes would aggravate any issues that they just recovered from. Large exposures to iron-based baits can lead to iron toxicity which can cause signs such as your pet vomiting blood or having bloody diarrhea, cardiovascular effects, and liver failure. In the event that your canine friend manifests any signs of unease after encountering wooden pellets or if you suspect that they have devoured a significant quantity of them, it is crucial to get in touch with your local veterinary services immediately. If you live in a drier area, such as Southern California, you can save water by installing an irrigation system and setting it for deeper, less frequent watering sessions. Risks associated with wood pellet exposure include choking hazards and digestive blockages caused by consumption of the small-sized pieces commonly used in heating systems. Review symptoms, medications & behavior to keep your pets healthy with a Vet Online in just minutes. However, others argue that wood pellets are a great source of nutrition, as they are high in protein and fiber. This could include: When dealing with wood pellet exposure in dogs, there are measures you can take to prioritize their safety and health. She is also a founding member of IDEXXs Pet Health Network team. Treatment may include decontamination, medications to support the gastrointestinal tract, blood work monitoring, and potentially antidotal chelation therapy to lower concentrations of iron in the bloodstream. It usually only takes a very small amount of these baits to cause significant, and sometimes fatal effects, even in large dogs. How dangerous are they? Although serious cases of poisoning are rare, they can cause stomach problems, vomiting and intestinal blockages. Keep in mind that there is no truly pet-proof ground cover, but if you are looking for something to plant between stepping stones or in small backyard areas, these are good choices that will stand up to light or moderate pet and human traffic. These softwood shavings also smell nice due to the volatile compounds (e.g. Wood pellets can cause gastrointestinal blockage if they expand in the stomach, which is frequently an indication of a blocked digestive tract; wood pieces can also cause irritation to the interior surface of the gastrointestinal tract. As if that weren't enough, some trees are toxic to dogs. Fertilizers may also contain insecticides for killing grubs, snails, etc. Such chemicals include chromated copper arsenate, which contains chromium, copper and arsenic, all of which are poisonous to dogs and humans. Once he gets a clean bill of health, keep wood pellet litter out of the reach of Fido's paws. Some snail and slug baits are extremely poisonous to dogs and cats. Elfin thyme grows to two inches tall and is a gorgeous addition to rock gardens and container gardens, where it cascades over the sides. The wood pellets do, however, contain food-grade soybean oil. That said, there is still a small amount of theobromine (the chemical that results in chocolate poisoning) remaining in the mulch and when ingested in large amounts, this can cause signs of chocolate poisoning. If your dog ate sawdust, your veterinarian may advise you to bring him to the vet. Additionally, it is easy to clean after your pets use it as a restroom and provides a level, smooth surface with fewer tripping hazards for safer play time for pets and children. The use of wood pellets as an alternative energy source has become increasingly popular among homeowners over recent years; however it poses inherent risks for companion animals such as dogs who may come into contact with this substance daily. The litter pellets are available in unscented, Fresh Scent, and Active Clean scent. Log in 24/7 to access your pets health care information. Canines may experience allergic reactions or ingestion-related complications that carry consequences worth taking precautions against. To protect your canine companion from the potential hazards that wood pellets may pose, it is vital to establish preventative protocols. amzn_assoc_linkid = "3858a94bad751602fb52ae2c83c39412"; Kentucky bluegrass seed is also used to patch bare spots in other types of lawns because it grows quickly. This type of dust is known to cause cancer in humans, and it can also cause health problems in small animals. Connect with a verified veterinarian in minutes. Weve put together some information about Breeze pellets and what you need to do if your dog has eaten some of them. Bromethalin is a neurotoxin, and if ingested, cerebral edema (swelling of the brain) may occur. Blue green algae are present throughout the United States and its occurrence is not only limited to summer months. The lumber used to make wood pellet litter may have been treated with chemicals to prevent insect infestations and the growth of mold and other microorganisms, according to the Virginia Department of Health. Please keep in mind that JustAnswer is not designed to answer emergency or disaster-related questions that must be directed immediately to qualified professionals by phone or in person. Yet, it is vital for responsible pet owners to be knowledgeable of potential hazards that may arise from household items like wood pellets. A minimum of 15 years of experience as a small animal veterinarian is required. They are important to us and cannot be separated from us. It was enjoyable to consume Breeze pellets. Buffalo grass is now marketed in places like Southern California as a low-water, drought-tolerant grass. If he were a bigger dog, they'd probably just work their way through, but with smaller dogs come smaller intestines, so I'd have the vet take a peek..just to be safe. There are many mushrooms that are non-toxic. Dr. Scott Nimmo is a dog doctor and owner of Nimmos Veterinary Clinic. Sawdust was found in my dogs urine. Request an estimate and design consultation today by filling out our short form The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) maintains lists of plants that are toxic to dogs, cats and/or horses. Because St. Augustine grass has deep roots, this might be a good alternative if you have a dog who loves to dig. With their compressed sawdust and wood byproducts composition, wood pellets are widely used as home heating sources and pet bedding. If they are normal, your dog is most likely fine; however, if he exhibits any signs of difficulty, does not poop, or has abnormally shaped or colored feces, you should consult a veterinarian. Renee Schmid, DVM & Ahna Brutlag, DVM, MS, DABT, DABVT Pet Poison Helpline. As mentioned earlier, manufacturers tend to add chemical supplements into wooden pellets for them to attain specific desirable attributes which at times turn out hazardous when consumed by dogs based on the category and concentration levels. Because some woods have a faster solid-burning time than others, you will need to fuel up more frequently while grilling. Pellet production is at the heart of everything. Puppy nutrition is also hampered by a general lack of protein, which makes them less likely to be well fed. Labrador violet sure has a fitting name for the purpose of this article! Several sawdust products, for example, could be toxic to dogs due to the wood they are made of. No, the pellets are not toxic to dogs. If a dog eats wood pellets there are a few things that could happen. Your beloved four-legged companion needs extra care as they may accidentally ingest or come into contact with these hazardous materials while playing indoors. It is commonly believed that the dyes used to color many widely available wood chips and bark is not toxic to dogs; however, it is best to choose wood products that are not dyed if you have a dog that likes snack on them. So if you want to be safe, go with high-quality products rather than low-cost ones. Dog lovers who choose artificial grass never again have to worry about brown spots or bare patches, and digging is rarely an issue. when ingested directly from the bag. Most of these baits contain zinc phosphide or bromethalin. Though the slender grass looks fragile, in fact, it is far from it and grows to three inches tall while requiring very little care. Remember, chocolate is toxic for dogs, so anything from the cocoa plant is also. Composition of wood pellets Materials used in making wood pellets, Tips for preventing exposure to wood pellets, 3. Chemical Poisoning. below. Having insights into the components, likely threats, and prevention measures surrounding wood pellets can aid you in making careful choices for your beloved pets safety. Instead, hell need to have a feeding tube through his nose for a few days. Best for:any sun exposure and foot traffic levels. The pellets are all-natural hardwood, which can be used for smoking, roasting, baking, braising, or BBQ. I have a Shepard Lab mix that, when the humidity in the room drops significantly during the winter, itches all the time when the windows are sealed (40% humidity). Native to Greenland, this plant does well in colder climates with purple flowers blooming in spring. Im dedicated to helping people and their dogs build strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust. My dog swallowed three Tidy Cats Breeze litter pellets and vomited. If youre a dog-owner, youre no stranger To help you determine the best options for your situation, we will address issues commonly faced by dog owners, recommend grasses, living ground covers and non-living ground covers, and provide a variety of tips for maintaining a yard that meets the needs of your dogs without sacrificing visual appeal or overall function. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; Garlic consumption can cause gastrointestinal upset and anemia, and if not treated promptly, the possibility of death can occur. While wood pellets are a popular choice for pet owners looking for sustainable and affordable products, its essential to be aware of any potential dangers they may pose. Pellets made of compressed wood or sawdust are not toxic in and of themselves. All opinions remain our own. Veterinarians assistant, according to him. It may depend on the amount of sawdust he ate, however. Composting is great when done appropriately. If the pellets are small enough they may just pass through their system without any problems. Pups suffering from pica may eat things like wood because of a nutritional deficiency or an illness, advises the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Or you may find that your dog enjoys spending time on hardscapes, such as a paving stone patio or a wood deck, and only needs a small softscape area for playing and bathroom purposes. Dogs are certainly valuable family members, but they sure can wreak havoc on a yard. You may notice these symptoms if your dog has eaten Breeze pellets: If you notice these symptoms in your dog, then call the vet immediately. On the other hand, some wood products can harbor flees, give dogs splinters or become your dogs favorite snack. So, are wood pellets toxic to dogs? Most pet owners want to use safer products around their pets, and so they often reach for something organic. If your dog has eaten Breeze pellets, then its a good idea to call the vet. Tools for working with wood are readily available at multiple big box stores across North America. Unfortunately, this trait can lead pets down the path of injury and illness. If your cat is out in the open, you must take preventative measures to keep him or her healthy. The customer service was exceptional, and it was always taken seriously. This means they will sit in your dogs digestive tract, which could cause a major problem such as intestinal obstruction, peritonitis (inflammation of the stomach lining), loss of blood circulation to the stomach or parts of the intestine, and more. Unfortunately, there is no safe way to induce vomiting in cats at home. Cedar Rubber Pine Untreated Wood The Best Mulch for Dogs (Top 10 Brand Reviewed) of 2023 1. Treatment includes: Rarely, with massive ingestions, pumping the stomach (i.e., gastric lavage) may be necessary to get the product out of the stomach. Natural Life Magazine: Ask Natural Life -- Do You Know Where Your Wood Pallet Has Been? When ingested, the pellets can absorb fluid from the digestive tract, which causes the wood to swell. In actuality, fertilizers are generally pretty benign; in fact, they typically have a wide margin of safety depending on what type of product is used. Review symptoms, medications & behavior to keep your pets healthy with a Vet Online in just minutes. Therefore if you would also like to have drought-tolerant landscaping, want to worry less about digging, or would rather spend less time maintaining your yard and more time enjoying it, you may want to choose a low-maintenance option, such as the above-mentioned artificial grass, gravel, wood chips or mulch. Always consult with your veterinarian for the appropriate dosage and follow their instructions closely. Most types of mulch are benign, but can result in a foreign body if your dog ingests them. Thankfully, the EPA has limited the availability of these latter, more dangerous types of products. In many cases eating fish food probably will not harm your dog. However, mishandling and improper storage methods can create potential dangers that should not be ignored. Mole and gopher baits that contain bromethalin are often found in a worm or grub form. Many mulch products pose a foreign body and obstruction risk if ingested. If your dog comes into contact with or ingests wood pellets, its crucial to know how to respond appropriately to minimize any potential harm. For most dogs, cedar wood chips to not cause breathing issues, but it is worth testing out before you fill your yard with them, and then find out your dog cannot tolerate them. However, if the pellets are large or sharp, they could cause internal bleeding or perforate the digestive tract. Pine cones and pine needles can get stuck in your dog's throat or stomach. Yes good, old-fashioned dirt is an option. The pellets are made of Zeolite, which is a type of microporous, aluminosilicate mineral thats used as an absorbent or a catalyst. Toxic Wood. What if my dog was poisoned by mulch or fertilizer? This oil is not only toxic if taken orally, but it can also be absorbed through your dog's skin or breathed into the lungs. Make sure there is enough shade, as well as a cool spot for your dog to rest, especially in order to prevent digging to find cooler soil. Wood pellets can cause gastrointestinal blockage if they expand in the stomach, which is frequently an indication of a blocked digestive tract; wood pieces can also cause irritation to the interior surface of the gastrointestinal tract. It is never a good idea to feed wood shavings to your puppies because it is more dangerous to their bones. Wood pellets can be a choking hazard and can also cause blockages in the intestines. They dont contain any toxic ingredients, which is great news! Treatment consists of intensive veterinary care, including treatment of tremors and seizures, temperature regulation, as well as supportive care to minimize prolonged signs. Regularly inspect the area where you store your wood pellets, checking for signs of spills, leaks, or damage to the storage container. Being vigilant in monitoring dogs around wood pellets ultimately contributes to their overall health and safety. Shrubs That Are Poisonous to Dogs Azalea and Rhododendron: Used in landscaping and found in the wild, the entire genus is extremely dangerous for dogs. that generally result in mild gastrointestinal signs (e.g., drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) Such toxins are referred to as tremorgenic mycotoxins and are toxic to both dogs and cats, as well as people and wildlife. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. If vomiting cannot safely be induced, or if it has already happened, the next step may be administration of activated charcoal by your pets veterinarian to help minimize the amount of toxin absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. However, they are not always worth the hassle and require more water and maintenance than non-living options.

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